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6 years → 8 years

The Academy Group Program

Our flagship social skills group program based in Sydney. A place where children go to uncover their true potential and take control of their lives. Over 4 modules, children develop their emotional regulation skills, learn to embrace challenges, understand their strengths and how to harness their abilities to help others. Just like a real-life superhero.

We have partnered with many community organisations and services to help us deliver this unique and immersive experience for your child.

Registrations for 2024 opening mid-October.

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The foundation upon which all other skills rest. Your child will be learning to manage their physiological responses, control their underlying thought patterns and utilise adaptive behaviours in response to challenging situations.

Module 1


Your child will be exploring, identifying and understanding their strengths. They will then learn to create a strong personal identity that is built around those strengths.


Module 2


Your child will learn to seek out and embrace opportunities to use their strengths in group situations. More importantly, they will begin to learn why there is a need for them to use their abilities to help others.

Module 3

The Superhero mindset

It’s time for your child to unleash their abilities. Your child will be learning how their abilities can be used to help others in need. Through this process, they will understand that they can bring value to society.

superhero solid icons
superhero solid icons

Module 4

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