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Pedaling to success. Embracing challenges turns to confidence.

We’re thrilled to share the inspiring journey of resilience and growth that our young learners have embarked upon.

By the time you read this post, we would have finished the first module of our Academy program.

The first module of The Academy focuses on helping children develop their resilience which we define as the ability to cope with and recover from challenges. One of the key goals of the module is to help children reframe how they view challenges. Instead of seeing challenges as situations they should avoid, we guide them towards embracing challenges as opportunities for growth.

The weekly challenges

Every week we set a challenge for each child based around their own specific challenges. The children are expected to attempt these challenges during the week, and parents are asked to record the child attempting the challenge.  We’ll watch the videos together with the children before discussing the key moments from the videos.

One child’s journey

One particular boy had developed an aversion to riding the bike (with training wheels) since falling off his bike months ago. Naturally, his first challenge was to sit on his bike and try to pedal.  It was a challenge which he was almost certain to complete – which he thankfully was able to do.

Over the next 4 weeks, we slowly increased the level of difficulty as we noticed him becoming more comfortable being on the bike and also being challenged.

The end result?

It took just 4 weeks for him to work through his challenges with riding his bike. In fact, he started looking forward to attempting the challenges because it was being recorded, and he knew it would be shown in front of the class each week.  This reframing of challenges allowed us to open the doors to his more significant challenges such as feeding. His successes with the bike challenges also serve as an excellent reference point for him to draw upon.

His family have been incredible in supporting him to complete his challenges. As they have been diligent with the challenges, they have also been able to reap the benefits of their hard work. 💪 We are now at a stage with this particular boy where his parents can set any challenge for him, and he will at least attempt the challenges regardless of its degree of difficulty.

Join us in celebrating this incredible journey of resilience and growth!

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