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From needing help to helping others

We are excited to share the story of a five-year-old boy who attended his second school readiness group program, which runs every school holiday.

During his first school readiness group, he tended to be reserved and passive – following other children rather than initiating interactions with them.

Fast forward 3 months in his second school readiness group, we observed that he had become more proactive in initiating play with other children. He would invite them to join him without any prompting from adults, which was a significant development.

At Project Superhero, our mission is to empower children to make positive impacts on people in their family, education and community setting. This story is a fantastic example of a child crossing that threshold from needing help to now being the one to help others.

The next step for us is to support this boy to support other children when they need help which will further help him develop his emotional maturity and leadership skills.

Join us in celebrating this inspiring superhero moment and cheering for the little heroes among us!

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