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Supporting a child to connect with his peers

Celebrating a Heartwarming Moment of Connection!

We are excited to share a heartwarming story that touched our hearts.

One of our key highlights over the past month involves a recent visit to a childcare centre to observe a little boy who was not engaging with other children.

When we arrived we noticed that he was either playing by himself or playing in parallel with an educator.

One of the first strategies that we always try to implement at childcare is to increase incidental physical interactions between a child we work with and other children.

All this simply entails is creating opportunities for children to hold hands such as during transitions from one location to another as well as holding hands and running in the playground.

On this particular visit, the children were taking turns holding a hose to water the garden. At the end of each child’s turn, they were told to go and play. Now, as many of you know, water play is universally loved by all children. It was no different for the boy we were working with.

He refused to leave the hose and play in the playground with some of the other children. It was at this moment, we suggested to the educator that the next child hold the boy’s hand and run to the playground.

As soon as the educator implemented this strategy, the boy’s face immediately lit up and he even began to offer his hand to other children.

For a boy who wasn’t engaging with other children in the centre at all, the fact that his face lit up when he offered his hand to other children was a special moment for all to witness.

At Project Superhero, we believe in fostering an environment where every child feels seen, supported, and included. We celebrate every small step towards building friendships and connections that last a lifetime.

Have you ever witnessed such a heartwarming moment of connection? Share your stories, and let’s spread the love and positivity!

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