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Transition troubles turned to triumph. A story of growth and friendship from our Buds Program.

At Project Superhero, our mission is to empower autistic children and children with additional needs to make positive impacts on people in their family, education, and community settings.  While many parents would baulk at the idea of their child being the ones to help others rather than being helped themselves, the truth is: (a) it is entirely possible and (b) children are capable of showing aspects of this at an early age – as this month’s story will illustrate.

Moving up in life

One of our little boys and his good friend recently had to transition to an older room at a childcare centre. Initially, there was a transition period which involved bringing them separately into the older class for two hours each day before moving them permanently once they were comfortable with the new environment. Due to the progress our little boy had made at the centre prior to the transition, he coped really well and had no difficulties with the transition. In fact, he thrived in the new environment which was more age-appropriate for him.

However, his friend struggled to make that same transition to the new classroom.

On one particular day, the therapist noticed the little boy’s friend was visibly upset upon his arrival into the new classroom. When the therapist pointed this out to our little boy, he immediately took it upon himself to walk up to his friend and offer him a toy.  After a short period of time, they were both observed playing together, and his friend was able to settle into the new classroom for the remainder of the day.

This story embodies our mission and the possibilities that exist for children with additional needs if those qualities are fostered at an early age.

Mission accomplished!

This heartwarming story is a testament to the incredible potential of children with additional needs. They have the power to uplift and support others in remarkable ways. Project Superhero is committed to nurturing these qualities, allowing every child to become a real-life superhero in their own unique way.

Together, we can make a world of difference!

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