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Unleashing Potential: Nurturing Life-Ready Children

One of the defining features of Project Superhero is the emphasis on supporting children to become life ready, not just school ready. This is important because we want to make sure a child is able to thrive across all settings and understand the world is a place they can participate in and enjoy.

In our Buds Program our work with a child begins at home before expanding out into the community.

During one such community-based session, a little boy was captivated (we’re told almost hypnotised!) by the sight of a bungee trampoline in a shopping centre. Even though it was not in the plan, the boy’s therapist decided to make the most of the opportunity and encouraged him to ask the operator how much it would cost so that they could come back another time with enough money. Although he was disappointed by not being able to have a turn on the day, he was still excited by the prospect of returning with his parents.

Little did we know, the operator was so charmed by the boy that they gave him a turn on the bungee trampoline without him needing to pay!

Needless to say, that boy had the time of his life and couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

This is a particularly wonderful story because it not only highlights the learning opportunities that are present in community settings but also the role that community members can play in supporting a child to feel part of the local community.

Join us in celebrating these magical moments and the wonders of learning opportunities everywhere!

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